Minestrone, ma façon

Sunday is a good day to enjoy your family and cook up meals you know they will enjoy.

Minestrone is easy to make, using the vegetables you have in your refrigerator.

Ingredients :

2 cubes de bouillon boeuf /poulet/légumes

3 gousses d’ail

1 dl huile d’olive

2 c. à café Harissa (tunisien)

Herbes de Provence, Romarin, bouquet garni, basilique

1 oignon rouge

1/2 aubergine

3 petites carottes

1/2 poireaux (vert)

150 g haricots blancs cuits

6 petites boulettes de viande (ou autre viande ou vegetales)

2 poignets de Mezzi Rigatoni

Préparation : 20 minutes; Cuisson : 1h

Crumble up two beef bouillon cubes into a 2 liter pot

chop up several cloves of garlic

Pour in the olive oil

Add in the (Tunisian) Harissa

Throw in your herbs (Herbes de Provence, Rosemary, Bouquet garni, dried Basil…all from my garden!)

I happened to have a jar of white beans in my cupboard, so I used those. Rinse and drain them. Add them in.

Add in 6 small meatballs.

Bring the mixture to a good boil, adding water in as you add vegetables. Once all the ingredients have been added, fill up the pot with more than a liter of water, as you will need sufficient brodo /broth to cook the pasta in.

I did not find the Dittalini n° 43/47 that I usually use in my local supermarket, so I bought the Mezzi Rigatoni n° 51. Add in 2 handfuls at the 45 minute mark adding water as needed. Let cook for 15 minutes.

Serve hot with grated parmesan.

Buon appetito!

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