C’est l’Automne!

After a wonderful Summer, I am always happy to trade out my light, pastel, linen, cotton Summer clothes for warmer, darker clothes. And the contrast is complete : from white to black !

And so it goes with my cuisine : I switch from tomatoes and mozzarella, to leeks and potatoes, from rosé to red wines, to foie gras and a variety of cheeses…and back to butter !

Now is the time to fill your wine cellar with all the wine fairs going on in your local supermarket or caviste. Don’t forget to stock up on champagne for the Holidays !

For October, I have a nice menu for you, just in time for Fall :

Entrée : Canapés aux fruits de mers

Plat : la Caponata, risotto

Fromage : Roquefort

Vin : Bordeaux Grand réserve, 2020

You will find my recipe for La Caponata in the Fall menu section under October . I add in some Harissa and use Frutta di Capero.

Bon appétit !

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