New book series in the works

I hope your New Year is off to a good start !

Now that the Vignes et Mets seasonal editions are done, a new series is under way : Vignes et Mets Villes. The second series of the collection will be dedicated to my travel or love for cities that I have visited .

Here is a first list of editions currently under my pen :

Paris : a city that I know well, and where I arrived more than three decades ago, in which you will find a guide by arrondissement of some of my favorite restaurants and you will love them all!

Hamburg : a city that I visited as a university student, I went back recently to visit a dear friend, who welcomed me in my first visit. Yes, a longtime friendship that has lasted over the years.

Istanbul, à city that I visited for the first time in 2013, invited to speak at a conference, is one of my favorite metropolis.

Montpellier : I have been travelling to this southern French city several times a year in the last few years and have recently spent a whole month there and really got to know the locals, the cuisine, but still need to continue to explore the area, especially the vineyards!

Tunis : a city that I know well and was a frequent visitor 10 years ago, but have not gone back since the Arab Spring and the Tunisian Revolution. So as I begin my travels after COVID, I will soon be there and will report back .

Vilnius : this is the first Baltic capital that I will visit soon . I have already located some of the best restaurants and farms on the outskirts of the city and am looking forward to tasting their food and drinking their wine .

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