Vignes et Mets, le livre

Vive le mois de Mai!

May is also the shortest worked month of the year, and it all starts off with La Fête du Travail on May 1st, when we offer each other the beautiful, pungent le muguet, or lily of valley. There are at least 3 long holiday weekends, or ponts, because of May 8, Victoire 1945, Ascension , […]

Happy Easter!

Easter is a wonderful holiday in France, when the schools are off and Spring flowers are starting to bloom…after a bit of light frost! For Easter Sunday lunch, I prepare the traditional lamb. Take a look at my menu on the website : When my children were small, I would prepare an Easter egg […]

Ramadan kareem!

Ramadan starts on April 2nd this year. Travelling and working in the Middle East, I was privileged to have been invited to several Iftars over the years. One of the most recent Iftars I attended was on the kind invitation of my friend, David Hammoud, president of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSSAC) in […]

Vignes et Mets Hiver

As we slowly emerge from Winter, with Spring just a few days away, Ellen Wasylina is pleased to announce the publication of the Winter edition of the original book : Vignes et Mets Hiver . This book opens up the new series of Vignes et Mets , which will feature a new book on each […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ellen, author of Vignes et Mets, my French culinary journey. For the last three decades, I have become an expert in French cuisine and wine and would like to share my passion for the finest cuisine in the world, from a sustainable and seasonal perspective. So join me on this journey!

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I am so pleased to announce the publication of my first book on French cuisine, my three-decade journey in France, which I start off with a brief overview of the Sustainable and seasonal French cuisine. Eating in season is using products that grow in that season until the next season rolls around, which provides a sustainable pattern of consumption that is low in carbon, thus reducing our impact on our planet.

The book is built on the four seasons : Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each chapter is divided into three parts : Mets, Vins and Fromage. It ends with two of my favorite recipes. Each chapter has a few personal anecdotes and photos. The book ends with Les Indispensables, the little noticed Condiments that we use every day that add flavor and depth to our dishes.

The last page is dedicated to a few of my favorite places, a non-exhaustive list of restaurants and hotels I have visited recently and that I admire, appreciate.

The link to purchase the book will be available here :

Join me on this wonderful journey!