Belle Rentrée à tous!

Summer is over, and in France La Rentrée is when the children come back to school in September and the parents go back to work after the Summer holidays.

French life is scheduled around the school calendar, so be aware, when planning events or visits, as there are many vacations and holidays coming up in the Fall.

I’ve prepared a delicious menu for you for September, I hope you enjoy it : Salade aux crevettes, Moules marinières, Château Sainte-Marie Entre-Deux-Mers.

Watch for the 4th edition of my book, coming out in September : Vignes et Mets Été . As always, you can preorder the book on Apple Books 15 days before it’s publication. Look for my author page where you will find Vignes et Mets, Vignes et Mets Hiver, Vignes et Mets Printemps.

Bonne lecture et bon appétit !

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